Life City Tours: Amsterdam

Life City Walking Tours: Amsterdam

Discover the social history of Amsterdam through historic facts and true human stories in a fun way.

Choose the City Tour that fits you.The following City Tours are conducted on a regular basis.

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Hookers and holyness in the old city

In the red light district we can’t miss the prostitutes. They work next to the Old Church, where Maria decorates the windows. Could unmarried women live freely 500 years ago? Why would a son of rich parents take on his mothers surname? Take a look at Amsterdam while focussing on the history of women. Men are welcome to join!

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The Jordaan: from slum to hotspot

‘The Jordaan’ is famous for its friendly atmosphere, neat streets, nice shops, restaurants and beautiful almshouses. Now a wanted inner city neighbourhood to live, 100 years ago it was poor and crowded compared to the luxury and wealth of the canalhouses. Walk along beautiful spots with breathtaking life stories of the rich and poor.

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City of Migrants

For Germans, French, Jews, Frisians, Chinese, Surinams Armenians, protestants, intellectuals and more people born elsewhere Amsterdam became home? How did they end up here and how did they manage? Did they get any help? What does the so called Dutch tolerance really mean? Hear it all and see fascinating houses, churches and other legacies.

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Sooo much Water!!!

Why did the Dutch inhabit a swamp and how can they live under the sealevel? And their king is into watermanagement! Dams, dikes, windmills and polders were built while ships and canals brought Amsterdam prosperity. Do you know which inventions kept the people safe and healthy? Discover amazing waterworks ánd the connecting stories in a fun and refreshing tour.

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